• Question – What are the key differences between an Authorized Account and a Preferred Account?

Answer – Following the approval of the customer’s application for a Preferred Account by John Deere Financial, the client will now have the option to shop at more than 9,000 stores throughout the country. With the exception of the shop that first designed and approved the Merchant approved Account, no other retailer is permitted to utilize it.

  • Question – When will the money that I sent be placed into the account that I have?

Answer – Your account will be credited with the amount of money that you paid on the same day that we receive the check. There is a possibility that the checks will not arrive for seven to ten days. You have the option of using the MyFinancial app, paying everything at once, or calling 1-800-356-9033 if you want to be sure that your payment is delivered on time.

  • Question – Would my remarks be visible on the internet?

Answer – When you have completed the process of registering for My Financial Accounts at MyJDFAccount.com, you will be given the opportunity to see your statements virtually. Access to this information may also be gained using the MyFinancial app.

  • Question – Should I expect my insurance to be renewed after I have paid off my loan?

Answer – No way at all. After the expiration of your equipment loan or the time when your last payment is received into your account, the insurance policy will be terminated, regardless of whether event actually occurred first.

  • Question – How does the purchase of “special terms” vary from the purchase of “regular” terms?

Answer – The “special terms” credit limit you have allows you to make significant input purchases such as seeds, fertilizer, and crop protection items. On the other hand, the “regular” credit limit allows you to make more routine expenditures such as gasoline, maintenance, and servicing.

  • Question – Is there any way that I can see my UCC filings, including terminations, with any availability?

Answer – It is possible for the office of the Secretary of State, which is the location where the UCC was filed, to have access to it since it is a public record.